We have designed, developed and delivered a number of financial workshops for our clients over the years.  Below are a selection of bespoke workshops to give you an idea of our capabilities.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements:


We worked with the HR team at Chaucer Syndicates to design the financial modules of a graduate induction programme - covering the finances of the insurance world (and the Chaucer Syndicates) as well as an overview of the global macro economic climate.

The World of Orange Finance

We worked with Orange (France Telecom) to design, develop and deliver a programme aimed at senior managers from across the world - helping them to understand the finance of a telecoms business and helping them to be able to communicate quarterly results to their teams.  These workshops are currently delivered 2-3 times per year in Paris & Poland.

Into the World of Finance, Financial Appreciation & Business Finance

We designed, developed and delivered a number of financial workshops for Nissan - focusing on the finances of the organisation and helping delegates to manage costs in a low margin and highly competitive environment.  Each workshop focused on specific knowledge level, allowing managers to develop their 'financial fluency' over a number of workshops.

Finance for Non Financial Insurance Professionals

We worked with a number of different departments in Allianz to design, develop and deliver a Finance workshop aimed at Underwriters, Claims Negotiators and other Managers in the insurance business.  The workshop includes concepts and practices specific to Allianz.  This workshop continues to be delivered once a year in Munich.

Douglas & Gordon

We worked with the UK Estate Agent in London to deliver a brief workshop on the UK economic backdrop to the housing market for the sales and support staff.  The workshop was very well received by all attendees.

Universal Banking Transformation Project

Our consultants worked as a team of trainers to design, develop and deliver this two week workshop for a major Middle Eastern Bank.  The workshops were designed to complement the internal change management project to turn the bank into a universal or conglomerate bank - seamlessly integrating the commercial and investment functions.  Starting with the Board of Directors, this workshop has been rolled out to the senior managers - with our consultants taking responsibility for the Corporate, Institutional and Commercial sides of the business.  These workshops (2 x 5 days) were delivered 20 times during 2014 - 2016.

Commercial skills & Global Macro Economics

Our consultants liaised with multiple key stakeholders across the Nationwide business to design a ‘commercial skills’ workshop for employees.  This programme is aimed at ‘fast track’ employees who have been identified as part of the leaders of the future.  The course aims to help delegates understand the environment in which Nationwide is operating - taking the delegates through: fiat currencies; fractional reserving; securitisation (and the ‘credit crunch’); asset valuation; debt & deflation; quantitative easing & inflation; Basel III and the changing regulatory environment; sovereign debt; and the European debt crisis.  Delivered across the UK

Premier Oil

We designed and delivered a training workshop for the HR staff at Premier Oil, helping them to understand the basics of finance and the specifics of finance in the Oil & Gas sector

Norland Managed Services

We designed and delivered a workshop for the contract managers at NMS.  This included a detailed focus on the accruals methodology (including company specific concepts such as 'unpaid WIP'), which had historically caused much confusion in the organisation.  Working with the finance team, we were able to design a very successful workshop that communicated fairly complex accounting practices in a clear and coherent manner to delegates.

Essentials of corporate finance

Our consultants worked with the Finance Director of David Lloyd Leisure to design and deliver a course for the senior management team to prepare the company for [potential] sale.

If you would like to speak to us about the opportunity to design a bespoke training package to suit your organisation's specific training needs, then please contact us for more information.