At TalkFinancials we design, develop and deliver training workshops on a wide range of 'commercial finance' topics to help delegates become more financially literate.


Standard Workshops

Browse our selection of standard workshops - all delivered by highly experienced financial trainers, all of whom have a background in finance and business, and have over ten years of experience delivering these workshops.

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Tailored Workshops

Our professional financial trainers are able to develop courses and tailor the topics to make them more specific and relevant to your organisation; this might include using:

  • your company's Statutory Accounts
  • the Statutory Accounts of your competitors / suppliers / customers / etc.
  • your Management Accounts (we can sign NDAs if required)
  • the budgeting and forecasting processes and timetable of your company
  • the month end timetable for finance
  • any other concepts specific to your organisation (profit measures, cost of capital, cost centre structures, cost allocation procedures)

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Bespoke Workshops

If none of our standard workshop outlines meet your specific requirements, one of our professional trainers will work with individuals in your organisation to design a programme that specifically addresses your training needs.  

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I can honestly say this was the most useful course I have done in a long time. I learnt lots through the pre course work (half the trick is knowing what to ask and where to start) and I was able to develop and explore concepts on the day. To put it bluntly it’s the only course where I have crossed my legs and waited rather than leave the room for fear of missing something, important, intriguing or interesting!
— Nationwide, Global Macro Economics

Our Consultants

  • Have a background in Finance
  • Each have over 10 years experience of designing, developing and delivering financial workshops
  • Have worked with over 200 companies
  • Have worked in over 30 different countries around the world